BIG NEWS: We Bought

May 7, 2013

Get Found First has made a strategic move to become an even larger player in the pay-per-click management world. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of and over 15 other web properties.

At a time when industry experts say that PPC managers will be replaced by bots, Adwords has introduced their new “Enhanced Campaigns,” and industry experts have disagreed on the value of quality score as a metric Get Found First has taken a giant step towards definitive answers.

Quality Scores was founded by James Zolman in 2007.  James has been a leader in the online marketing world since 2005.

The purchase includes not only the business, blog, and tools. The possibilities are endless for what we can do, and where we will go with this acquisition.

While we are not ready to give out all of the details of what we plan to do just yet, we will absolutely develop an industry blog around the property, and are open to the idea of high quality guest bloggers that would like to pitch to contribute.

Our purchase included a tool for  aggregating and measuring the impact of Google Adwords Quality Scores within an advertising account. It is our goal to develop into this tool statistical correlations,  additional KPIs beyond just Quality Scores, and updated reporting features by 2014.

Alpha launch of this tool is planned for Summer 2013.

If we did not feel that it would help Get Found First better serve our own clients we would not have moved forward with the acquisition.

2013 has already been a banner year. Bryant Garvin was brought on as a partner, we got an updated Get Found First’s logo and website, Mark Jensen has developed sophisticated internal processes to ensure performance quality and a PPC account audit tool that will rock your world, AND Get Found First will turn 5 years old later this year.

What can we say? Now that we own Quality Scores, “Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!

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