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How to Get Free Clicks From Paid Search Results

You’re probably thinking that the heading is an oxymoron and that it’s impossible to get free clicks from the paid search results, but it’s not! Google just introduced seller rating extensions that will allow you to get free clicks. The ratings will be shown by golden stars and will show up next to your PPC ad on Google (just like the one shown below), and the best part is when somebody clicks on the reviews, it DOES NOT cost you anything.

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Get Found First is a Google Adwords Certified Partner

Yes! This logo was officially provided to us after we officially passed the tests, met the other criteria regarding amount of spend managed and amount of time managing accounts, and now

Get Found First is a Google Adwords Certified Partner!

Google used to have a Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status, and a Google Adwords Qualified Company, and for a few more months companies can rest on those laurels.

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Can A Google Maps Listing Beat Out Paid and Organic Listings?

Who wins in a Google fight? A paid listing or a map listing? A first page natural listing or a #1 paid listing? You might be surprised what we found…

We have been advertising for a dental client over the last year on Adwords, and Google Maps. We have also done his SEO. This client has what we like to call the Google TRI-FECTA (they rank high with all 3 listings). With one website performing well in all 3 spaces, we were curious how each medium performed against each other. We took the results from the last 4 months, and dug up some info in Analytics. Here’s what we found:

This dentist’s campaign focuses on lead generation. Customers come to the website and sign up on a form that offers web only discounts on dental services. Overall there were 59 goal conversions.

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Internet Marketing Vocab – Learn a New Language!

Have you ever walked into a conversation where the two speaking you could tell were speaking your native tongue, but because they were speaking about their niche industry, nobody else in the conversation had a clue what they were talking about? I remember as a young boy listening into conversations my dad was having about politics and/or business and hearing lots of words I had never heard before, and none of them were swear words.

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Why Is Important to Be On Top in Google?

On any given day someone will use Google search 14.6 times, that according to myself, my best guesstimate, and the number of times I actually use Google each day! Really, the number might be competely off but the fact is we use search engines often in the day. What happens when we use those search engines though? Do we analyze the results that come up? Do we read the abstracts of each result and then pick out which result we like best? The answer, not suprisingly is no! We trust the first results of what comes up more than anything else the search engine gives us.

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Effective Use of Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

This morning I was in a Google Adwords webinar and the question was asked, “Why would I ever want to use anything but broad matched keywords in my campaign? Don’t I want lots of traffic to my site?” The answer to his question is YES you want traffic, but NO you don’t want non-relevant traffic.

She’s happy… but not because of free dental work.

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