How SEO And PPC Work Together To Help You Profit

June 26, 2019

As the digital marketing industry grows and changes, new marketing strategies may seem to be so revolutionary that they wipe out the old standards of online marketing. For example, when Pay-Per-Click came into play in the digital world of advertising, it seemed to overpower the effectiveness and use for Search Engine Optimization. However, that is not the truth. In fact, there are many ways that Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click work together to help companies continue to grow and profit.

Understanding That PPC And SEO Are Not Doing The Same Thing

To understand how the two marketing strategies work together, you must first understand what they do on their own. SEO is how you improve your website so that it ranks higher for keywords related to your services.

PPC is an advertising method to drive potential clients to your website and help increase conversions.

Both marketing strategies are useful in different ways and can be done without the other. BUT…. there are ways that SEO and PPC can work together to make your overall marketing plans better.

Increase Your Presence, Build Your Brand

Optimizing your website and running PPC gives you a strong online presence. When your company is showing up in Paid Advertising, Google Maps, Organic Search, and other areas of relevance on search engines, you are going to dominate the market in your area fast. SEO will help you rank higher in organic search and help you show up in GMB listings. Paid advertising can put you at the top of the page for searchers looking for your products and services. When potential clients see you everywhere, they know that you are relevant and they are more likely to contact you.

Retain Missed Clicks

A Google study found that when search ads for a keyword were are not running, nearly 89% of the website visits generated by these ads were not replaced by the organic search results. This means that when your ads are off, your website traffic could be negatively affected. When PPC is on, you can recover traffic and potential sales at a low cost.

Test New SEO Keywords With PPC

PPC is a fast and easy way to test keywords for SEO. SEO takes a while to gather data and see how particular keywords work for you. When you run PPC, data is gathered quickly and you can see which keywords are getting searched and how people respond to your website based off the keywords they are searching. This is extremely valuable information that you can use with your SEO to make your website rank better and faster for organic search results! 

These are just a few of the many benefits that your company could have from running SEO services and PPC simultaneously. For more information on how these digital marketing strategies work together and how they can help you grow your company, contact a professional at Get Found First Today!

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