Social Media Data You NEED To Pay Attention To

April 26, 2019

If you are a business owner, you are undoubtedly using social media to market your company and your product or service. If you aren’t, you should be. When social media is used correctly, they can drastically increase your bottom line. If used incorrectly, social media measures could do exactly the opposite. How do you know if you are working in your favor or against it? You pay attention to the metrics from your social media accounts. Hiring an experienced social media management company can help you gather and measure the data from your social media accounts to help you improve your online presence and turn potential customers into loyal customers.

What Data Is Most Important And Why?

When you are working with several different social media outlets, how do you know which features of which outlet is most important?


“Likes” on Facebook and Instagram really get people excited, but do they mean very much? Think about how many posts, pictures, and videos you like. “Liking” a post is pretty easy – just a simple click and scroll on. But actual engagement takes more work. If people are taking the time to comment on a post, you have engaged them with something that resonates to them. Engaged users are more likely to come back to your page and encourage a loyal following.


Hashtags may seem silly, but they are gold if used correctly. Hashtags can increase user engagement and build loyalty in specific audiences. Creating your own catchy hashtag that others will use can help you monitor your following and gather information from their conversations. If a hashtag trends, your name will literally brand itself in the minds of your followers. Think of ASL’s #IceBucketChallenge as an example.


How often your post is seen is not quite as relevant as how often it gets clicked on. This information is extremely important because the algorithm used by Facebook is designed to show a user more of what they want. If your posts are being shown and not getting clicked on, the content is not considered valuable and won’t be shown as often. Bonus Tip: Social Media Management companies have valuable tools to analyze your social media metrics and strategies to help improve your social media marketing.

Bounce Rates

After a post is clicked on, social media networks are going to consider the value of your content further by analyzing how long a user stays on your website. If users click on your post, go to your website, and immediately leave, your content is again considered not very valuable. The data is not just about the content in the post, but what kind of experience users get from you.

The way that people interact with marketing and advertising strategies changes often. It can be difficult to keep up with the newest trends and social media algorithm changes. If you are struggling to keep a loyal following or engage your users effectively, contact the social media professionals at Get Found First. We have creative and innovative solutions that can create the ultimate user experience for your audience and help you dominate the social media market in your industry.

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