Stay for the Finale

I just got back from a week long vacation in the mountains of southeastern Idaho. I had very limited access to the internet. It was a great break, but boy do I have a lot of things to do in order to get caught up. That’s life right?

This post has a little to do with PPC, but it really is more about a life lesson I learned this week.

The other night I had the chance to see the fireworks at the Huntsman Celebrate America event.  It was spectacular. We were right at the base of the Tetons. Some would argue one of the most picturesque places on earth.  There was room for everyone to sit on the driving range of Huntsman Springs Golf Course.   They had fenced off areas where the crowd couldn’t sit.  We sat right next to the fence. Later we realized that they were shooting off fireworks right next us.  We were literally right under the fireworks.

Before it got dark, the Beach Boys sang. A few of them were the original Beach Boys singers. As the fireworks were about to get started, people were leaving. I thought that was strange. I guess they were there for the Beach Boys.

The fireworks got started and the show was incredible. Just over half way through the show, THE REAL Lee Greenwood came out on stage to sing, “I’m Proud to be an American” while the fireworks continued. I was so proud to be an American.  I was ready to jump on a plane and go fight for my freedom if needed right then.  More people started leaving and heading to the parking lot.

After Lee finished, the big show got started. The finale was getting underway.  They sent up bigger fireworks 5 times as frequently.  It was a sight to see and they were right over head. One that my kids and I will never forget. The booms shook the ground I was laying on. Something I will never forget either. 

Lee Greenwood live was the best part of the entertainment for sure, but the finale was by far the best part of the whole fireworks show. I was floored by how many people missed getting to see him in their rush to get back to their cars to avoid waiting for traffic to clear.

Don’t quit before the best part! Is your PPC account taking longer than you hoped to get working right?  Are your SEO efforts not getting you the results you thought they would already?  I have been at this since 2007 and I can tell you that successful online marketing takes time. Before you give up on PPC, be certain that the finale isn’t about to get started.

Seth Godin wrote a great book about knowing when to quit. I highly recommend it.  Stay tuned as I plan to write a series (maybe an ebook) about how to know if PPC is right for your business.