Step Up Your Game With Google Analytics 4

October 16, 2021

If you haven’t heard yet, Google Analytics is moving into the future with new features and different reports. Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as “App + Web”) is a new kind of property that can be used for a website or an app, or for a website and an app together! Unlike Universal Analytics that only supported websites. 

Businesses from all over the world rely on information from Google Analytics to understand how customers use their websites and for information that will help them make decisions that will ultimately provide better experiences for users visiting their websites. The data from Google Analytics is crucial in understanding a business’s online presence and how visitors interact with their site, how they convert, and why visitors don’t convert.

The new Google Analytics 4 Platform provides essential data that business need to prepare for what’s next.  

Smarter insights in GA4 will help business improve marketing decisions and get a better ROI

Google Analytics’ advanced machine learning provides significant new benefits to business owners:

  • Product demand increase due to new customer needs
  • Anticipates future action of customers
  • Calculates churn probability

Google will continue to add new predictive metrics like potential revenue from particular groups to help businesses create audiences that might reach higher value customers. The insights from the new Google Analytics will help businesses better understand customer action and why some might spend more monty than others. This information will give business owners crucial information so that they can implement processes that can improve their online marketing results.

To Get Started With GA4


Your website and/or app needs to be set up on a Google Analytics 4 property. You must have and Editor role in Google Analytics to do this.

  1. For sites that already have Google Analytics – Click GA4 Setup Assistant. This will help you create a GA4 property that will collect data alongside your existing Google Analytics account. The current analytics account will continue running as normal and won’t be changed.
  2. For new sites that do not have Google Analytics – simply set up a new site on a Google Analytics 4 property.  Users can also choose to set up a Universal Analytics property at the same time.

Business owners can ask for assistance from their digital marketing company or can learn more about Google Analytics 4 by contacting Get Found First for more information.

Global Site Tags with GA4

Some website platforms require the UA ID from Google Analytics and will not accept the new G ID. You can still use Google Analytics 4 on your website by pating the global site tag snippet into the website builder’s/CMS’s custom HTML field. You can find instructions per website builder at this table.

Google Analytics for Firebase 

Existing Google Analytics for Firebase customers should upgrade to a Google Analytics 4 property. Follow these instructions.

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