Sticktoitiveness – A Marketer “Must Have”

April 22, 2013

We have posted more this year on the blog than any year in the now almost 5 years of Get Found First history. That is what I like to call sticktoitiveness. Don’t think that is word? Well, neither does spell check on WordPress, but I am certain that it is.

Just ask the urban dictionary:


n. The ability to stay with a project and see it through to completion.

Example Sentence: When it comes to building sand castles, Gordon shows incredible sticktoitiveness!

Here is my example sentence: Being an entrepreneur, you have to have sticktoitiveness.

It is the ability to persevere. To keep going. To stick to it till the work is done. Blogging about PPC can become boring. Everything you post won’t get thousands of shares and comments. But we won’t let that stop us. We are going to be doing some really fun, effective stuff to keep us going.

We keep blogging because we have sticktoitiveness. We keep testing ads week after week. We keep testing landing pages week after week. We adjust bids day after day.

We can’t stop. We won’t stop. For ourselves. For our clients.

Because we have what others do not. Sticktoitiveness.

If what I just said, didn’t hit home for you, I don’t think anybody understands sticktoitiveness like Joe Dirt. Take 12 seconds and hear him out:

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