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Yes. Your campaigns are an eligible use of your NMF monthly funding allocation. Once enrolled, we will bill SHC directly for their monthly portion as it corresponds to your program. You will be billed directly for your portion via a credit card on file.

Get Found First’s scope of work only includes managing paid ads on Google. SEO, web changes, social media, or things like Google My Business listing management are all excluded.

No you will not. Get Found First will be managing new campaigns in a new account.

Yes. Every office will be assigned an account manager who will work on their account and be available for strategy, performance discussions and opportunities.

Every office will have access to a live dashboard to review results. The dashboard will also be used for performance reviews with your account manager.

Yes. All owners will have access to Call Tracking Metrics will where they can listen to call recordings and score calls.

Once we know you want to enroll, we will send a quick onboarding questionnaire and will assign your account manager. We need the answers to the questionnaire to build your campaigns.

When you choose to work with us we will work quickly to get your account set up. There is an initial set-up fee of $500. Once enrolled, your initial commitment will run through December 2023 and will automatically renew for subsequent quarters unless you choose to unenroll.

From onboarding to start we will need about 2 weeks. But the first group of 10 owners will be able to go live on September 5th, with the 2nd group starting on September 15th.

We will plan on monthly meetings to review performance. IF you want to meet less often, we will still send reports and will be available for questions via email or phone call.

We require a minimum investment of $1000/mo to manage your Google campaigns. This can be split in either caregiver or client recruiting with no change to the management fee.

The management fee paid to Get Found First is $500 + 10% of media managed each month. For example, if you spend the minimum of $1000 on media then the GFF fee will be $600 and the total invoice amount is $1600. 

“Get Found First Gave Me Confidence”

The action generated by the good folks at Get Found First gave me confidence to cut loose some low profit, high maintenance clients to recirculate the tank with new fresh stuff [that has] higher margins and lower drama. This week we will have added a new of 350 hrs/wk of new business!

- Ray Fitzgibbon, Seattle SYNERGY Office owner

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