Strike While the Iron is Hot

This will be a short post. I’ll get right to the point. STOP IT! Quit putting things off. When you have a good idea or opportunity or potential sale, run with it! Don’t wait. As cowboys like me say, “you gotta strike while the iron is hot.”

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Pardon Me, Can You Brand As Well As Grey Poupon?

The other day I was on the Huffington Post and saw this cool, interactrive video ad that matched a commercial I had recently seen on TV. Video in a banner ad is still fairly uncommon. This one caught my eye and the more time I spent studying the ad, the more I realized how perfectly Grey Poupon had executed their branding ad campaign. PPC was a small part of the massive campaign, but I loved the uniformity of their messaging across all of the advertising channels they chose.

Here is the first ad I saw. A small clip of the video played with no sound. I wanted to see what would happen if I clicked play. I was surprised that the video played in the ad. I didn’t have to go anywhere. I could interact with their brand and ad without being taken somewhere else. Can you say, “Awesome.”

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