The Letter “N” Can Increase PPC CTR by 2.5%

While doing some optimizing in an account several weeks ago I noticed a small spelling error in one of my ads. I had misspelled “known” to “know” and the sentence read “Uncover How a Little Know Secret Maximizes Tax-Free Retirement Now!”. Despite the error the ad was the best of the 3 or 4 that we were running in that adgroup, with a CTR of around 5%. Rather than be content with that CTR I took that ad, made a copy, and changed “know” to the correct spelling of “known”.

From that small change we saw an increase in CTR by 2.48%! It makes sense in this case that the proper spelling would increase CTR, however the principle applys to every ad we make. Always test to try and get better performance out of your ads and improve your Pay Per Click account! At any one time we have around 2-5 ads running side by side in each adgroup to find what searchers really prefer, while all the time pausing the low-performing ads.