How many logos do you recognize out of these 101?

Go for it!  Count how many of these logos you recognize.  I recognized almost every single one.

Top 100 Logos

Top 100 Brands of 2011, plus 1.

Are there any you don’t recognize?  Is there one that stands out to you? In the bottom right you will find the new Get Found First logo. We are not predicting that it will be one of the Top 100 Brands of 2013, but we do think it will be big time some day, and that it will become more recognized by the PPC Management world this year.  Here’s a closer look at the logo:

Get Found First logo

The shiny Get Found First logo.

Last week we made a big announcement about joining forces with Bryant Garvin.  There are plenty more announcements coming in the future for Get Found First, and this isn’t the one to be most excited about, but it is still big.