Time To Plan A Marketing Strategy For A Post-Pandemic World

May 30, 2020

While the business world has been hitting its marketing efforts hard to appeal to the needs of consumers living amid the chaos and fear of COVID-19, it has been a challenge. Nobody knows the right direction to take as new data and rules change on a daily basis. Smart business owners know that even though they may not know the right marketing efforts to take, now is a time to be diligent and to define their brand in a way that will stick in the minds of their consumers in a positive way.

If you want to thrive in your competitive market, take a moment to consider three significant facts that can help pull your company out of the shadows and build your reputation among your audience and consumer market.

  1. Commit To Helping Society And Making It Better – 65% of people agree that brands should be determined to help make society better. A Mindshare survey reported that 71% of Americans WANT to hear how different companies and brands are taking action right now and 93% of consumers want brands to participate in helping those who need it. (Notice all of the companies who are offering discounts, free services, or products to essential workers?)By staying visible and connecting with your audience, data shows that brands can increase their market shares by three times. But you can’t be all talk! While consumers appreciate empathy, saying a lot and doing little can impact your company in a negative way.
  2. Stay Current, Stay Consistent, Stay in The Game – Those companies that are taking the time to stay current on best practices, government regulations, and the demands of their consumers are going to be at the top of the game. While your competitors may be waiting to implement new procedures, your company can be ready and prepared with new and innovative ideas, new products or services, and new goals and strategies that prove to your consumers that they can rely on you.And don’t take loyalty for granted. As of late, one-third of consumers are shifting their commitment to brands that they normally wouldn’t go to. If you think that’s a change – consider that 80% of Americans are showing support to brands that are getting involved in their communities, showing a desire to help and actually stepping in and doing something.
  3. Show Up – Again, now is not the time to stand in the background. To make it through challenging times, you need to disrupt your processes and act to take advantage of the online market that is TUNED IN. Your consumers are on the internet. Websites like YouTube and Facebook usage has increased, online search has increased, shopping online has become more popular, consumers are looking for new providers of services and products that they can trust, AND EVERYONE IS ONLINE.If before you thought your company could get away without pushing your online presence, think again. Your consumers are looking for you and if you aren’t there – chances are they are going to look at your competitors.

Post-Pandemic Marketing Planning

And that trend most likely will not change. A new demand is here – consumers want “safe convenience.” If you can provide that – your company can meet the demand. If you want to learn more about online marketing for post-pandemic success, contact the professional digital marketers at Get Found First right away. We can help you strategize for success, evaluate your current goals, and implement new efforts that will help you reach your audience and provide the reliability that they are looking for.

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