Top 10 Ways to Use a Facebook Fan Page

You’ve heard of them, you’ve probably joined a few of them, now you can learn the top 10 ways to use a Facebook fan page! The tips that we are suggesting are focused towards dentists and the healthcare industry but they can be used universally!

  1. 1.       Getting People to Join your Group
  2. Invite Your Friends.
  3. Add links to your fan page on your website, or a widget.
  4. E-mail existing customers and invite them.
  5. In the office make people aware of the fact that you have fan page. Invite them to share their experience on the fan page.
  6. Possibly pay to advertise your fan page.
  7. Search for customers using Facebook search.
  8. 2.       Post on the Wall
  9. Write about anything your fans want to know about. Make it relevant!
  10. Make sure these are relevant to the Fan page you are promoting.
  11. Respond when possible to comments on your posts.
  12. Consider doing a “Spotlight Post” once a week that is more robust than anything else you post in any given week. Make the post the same time every week so fans can expect it.
  14. 3.       Post Videos/Photos
  15. These help make great content.
  16. 4.       Giveaways
  17. An occasional giveaway for a free service, i.e. free massage, or free checkup.
  18. 5.       Exclusive Discounts for Fans
  19. Offer something that only a fan can get.
  20. 6.       Breaking News
  21. Make your Fan page an exclusive outlet for news about your company.
  22. 7.       Make Effective Use of Events
  23. Organize some type of event that fits your business.
  25. 8.       Encourage Your Fans to Act and Interact
  27. 9.       Invite Your Fans to Invite Their Friends
  28. a.       Phrase it something like this, “If you’ve liked our (service/product) tell your friends about us by inviting them to become a fan.”  Sometimes all people need is a little nudge.
  29. 10.   New Content Over and Over Again
  30. Start from step one and do everything again!



We at hope that these top 10 tips on how to use a Facebook fan page help. Let us know if you have used other methods that have worked!