Top 3 Tips for Optimal Website Performance

September 12, 2022

So you have a website, but now how do you ensure users have a good experience on your website?

According to Marissa, our Website Project Manager at Get Found First, the following are 3 of the top optimizations to help users have a good experience on your website:

  • Fast site speed
  • Monitoring 404 errors
  • Hyperlinking any links on your site

When you visit a website, you want it to load fast. Websites that load slower are less likely to have high conversion rates since users will leave your website and go to a competitor’s website instead to get what they were looking for. To help your website load faster, optimize image sizes to not have large files on your website. If you have videos on your website, don’t upload the whole video file, but embed it through YouTube or Vimeo. And get rid of any unused plugins on your website.

Getting a 404 error when you are trying to go to a specific page on a website is annoying to a user. They are expecting to be directed to that page and then get interrupted with not knowing where to go after getting a 404. Make sure that all links on your website are valid and direct to an actual working page.

If you have a phone number anywhere on your website, it should be a click to call phone number. Meaning that when you click on it, it directly goes to “make a phone call.” Do the same thing with email addresses, social media links, and physical addresses. When you link these features, it creates a more seamless user experience, so they don’t have to try to remember or write down the information.

Along with those few adjustments to implement on your website, there are two effective tools to track customer experience: Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  • Google Analytics is used to monitor site traffic, including the number of users on your site, what source traffic is coming from, users’ conversion paths, which pages they visited on your site, and much more.
  • Google Search Console is used to index your website to tell search engines where to rank content, so your website shows up in the search results. It’s also used to monitor organic traffic on your website.

With proper implementation of these tools and best practices, it is the perfect combination so you can get found first online and level up your business.

If you have questions about how to successfully build out or optimize your website for peak performance, give us a call today.

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