Top PPC Takeaways From Pubcon Las Vegas 2011

Pubcon Las Vegas was epic from start to finish. Not only was there epic dinner, epic karaoke, and epic networking, there also was loads of great PPC information being passed around! I’ve compiled the best tips and tricks from the PPC experts who presented at the conference:

Dave Feldman from Microsoft adCenter said, “adCenter Quality Score does NOT affect rank or CPCs – just indicative.”
Kerstin Baker-Ash shared about one study which found, “19% of conversions came from GDN. 84% of those were from view-through conversions.”
David Szetela said on positioning, “1-3 is magic in search, 1-4 in content. Impressions drop off after that.”
Brian Piepgrass from Facebook shared, “People are “performing” on Facebook. If they like your page they are trying to look cool in front of their friends.”
Brad Geddes shared several gems:
“If you are trying to update your account for relevancy it may take up to 2 weeks for the changes to take effect.”
“Static conversion rates do not exist. They vary from hour to hour and day to day.”
“On your landing page forms is the value of what you are asking for equal to what you give out?”
“Don’t ask questions that Analytics can answer”
“City and state are redundant if you get the zip code”
Amanda Watlington, in the Keyword Research session commented, “There are two types of competitors: competitors on your keywords, and competitors that your client identifies.”
Joanna Lord, on strengthening brand on landing pages said, “Use mission statements, testimonials, awards, customer counts, logos, consistency, badges, press mentions, positivity.
Michael Black said, “On the display network, match types don’t matter, but exclusions do.”
Janet Miller, in the Facebook landing pages session said, “If you use an Iframe in Facebook you can use your existing PPC landing page with just some small tweaks.”
Mat Siltala tweeted, “Everybody knows what happens in Vegas gets posted on Twitter… FB, Tumblr, etc… hahahah (oh and YouTube)”. Great ORM advice.
This was my first conference and it was better than I bargained for. Awesome information was shared and I met some great people.

If you were at Pubcon Las Vegas, what PPC advice did you find most helpful?