Twitter Ads New Features

Twitter has heard the #hashtag shout for a more streamlined and simple way to set up Twitter ad campaigns. They’ve responded with this.

What’s new?

Handy Progress Tracking Bar

Twitter seems to think we could use this progress bar to correctly time our coffee runs. We’re not really sure about how that’s supposed to work but it sure looks nice. When you’re setting up an ad campaign you’ll be given some nice colored progress bubble to ease your worries.

Saving Campaigns Mid-Setup

You can now save uncompleted campaigns mid-setup as a draft. This is actually a very handy feature for the times you get started on a campaign build at the end of the day.

Twitter Ad Account Help Icons

Have a questions about what Twitter means when it gives you the option to ‘advertise on mobile devices’, ‘enter your daily budget’, or ‘launch the campaign’? Well, not all of these are addressed but a whole lot of their advertising features now come with a help icon with a brief explanation and often a link to find more information. Very Google, in a good way.
See the official announcement here or just read through the image below!

Twitter ad new feature announcement email

Twitter Ad’s Latest Email Announcement – “We got features”