Yes! Your Outdated Website IS Hurting You!

What was your last internet experience like? Were you searching on a mobile device for a Chinese restaurant? Were you reading reviews while trying to choose a new dentist? Did you stumble across any websites that had trouble loading or were difficult to use? How quickly do you jump off of a website that is taking too long to load or won’t let you navigate smoothly?

It takes website visitors only 1/20th of a second to develop an opinion of your business based off their online experience. That flash of an impression determines how that user interacts with your company from then on. It is important for the health of your business to maintain a strong online presence…and you just can’t do that with an outdated website.

Let’s take a look at the biggest problems a business owner faces when relying on an old and outdated website.

You’re Just Not That Into It

Your online presence to your company is like a first-impression when you meet new people. If a potential employee walked into an interview with messy hair and a bored attitude, you aren’t going to be tempted to hire him. The same can be said for a poorly maintained website. Slow, cheap looking websites with old designs make you look like you don’t care. That gives your visitors the idea that you don’t care what your customers think either. Right out the door, that’s an awful way for potential customers to think of you.

Poor Quality

Your website design gives people an idea of what to expect of your product and services. If you want to get customers into your store or to call you to schedule an appointment, your website needs to say “Hi. We have high-quality product/services, and we genuinely care about you and your needs.” A dumpy website is not going to give potential customers a good vibe that drives them to contact you or make a purchase.


A major problem with outdated website is that they immediately give the impression that your company is outdated …. or out of business! Your website really needs to show your visitors that you are current and relevant, and that you matter in your industry.

Your Competition Looks SO MUCH BETTER

In today’s online market – you have to keep up with your competitors. If your competitors are offering discounts on social media, they have an upper hand. If their website lets users move around and browse quickly, they have an upper hand. If their website sports a fresh, new design, they look like they are more in the game than you are. You automatically help your competition win by not keeping up on your website.

Dropping Out Of The SEO Game

If your website is not up to date with Google’s algorithm changes, you are going to drop in organic rankings. If your site speed is slow, you will lose organic rankings. If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website, you will lose organic rankings. If you can’t keep users on your website, you will lose organic rankings.

Don’t lose out during online searches because of an outdated website. Call Get Found First and get a fresh, new design with easy navigation and fast loading times to keep up with your competitors and knock them out of the game!

Bring Your Business To Life

Throughout the web design process, we’ll work one-on-one with you to bring your business to life. Our talented design team will create a site that improves the user experience, convey your information, and look professional. Even if you don’t have an existing site, we can design logos and write content for you.

More Than Just A Pretty Website

Building a website involves more than nice graphics, and we understand this. It’s a way for customers to read about products, request for more information, or find your business’s address. Creating a user-friendly experience is paramount as is optimizing the site for search engines. We do both.


Landing Page Development

After we develop enticing and engaging ads, traffic to your site will be pouring in faster than you’ve ever seen before. The question is: are you prepared for it?

Be sure that they will convert by letting us create landing pages that make the sound, “cha-ching!”. Landing page development takes creativity and science. We understand both!

Landing Page Design

Our talented designers have business marketing at their core. We understand that there must be a balance between aesthetics and the sales jargon. We use software that allows us to develop landing pages we can A/B test to make intelligent decisions based on statistically significant data. The final result not only looks great, but converts your traffic into highly qualified leads and sales.

Our landing page development work has also been featured on They are a recognized industry leader in landing page design.

Landing Pages That Work!

At Get Found First, we create and design landing pages like a marketer, not only designer. While we’ve got a great team of in-house, award winning, designers, we recognize that form is more important than function.

We design landing pages to convert. To guarantee you are getting results from your landing pages, we measure the performance of each landing page as we drive traffic. The pages that do well, we use. Everything else, we learn from.

Beautiful landing pages are nice. Landing pages that convert are better.

Why Work With Us?

Responsive Design

Mobile friendly is the new industry standard, so we build a website that looks great on any device.


We’ve built websites for doctors, dentists, plumbers, cleaners, etc. We can adapt quickly to your business’s needs.


Our team will work with you one-on-one every step of the way through the website design process.

Full Service Team

Our team is made up of web developers, project managers, & graphic designers who do it all from start to finish.