Why Should you Outsource your Pay-Per-Click Marketing to an Agency?

Tom Bennison wrote a great article on why companies should outsource their pay-per-click campaigns.  He gave eight reasons why and here they are, some direct quotes and some paraphrased using our name and company for the agency (For the full article and references,click here):

  • Get Found First has unique relationships with search engines.  This allows us to get quicker resolutions and answers to questions as well as upload data quicker.
  • We have advanced tools and methods that allow us to fully optimize your campaign and achieve a better return on investment.
  • Pay-Per-Click is what we live and breath each and every day.  We also experiement with all the new tools and we are always up-to-date on the latest software.
  • Get Found First’s Pay-Per-Click specialists use the latest bid-management software to ensure all keyphrases are performing well at a low cost-per-click.
  • On average agencies achieve better click-through-rates than marketers, with agencies at 3.4% and marketers at 2.8%.
  • We provide comprehensive reporting and ROI analysis.
  • Pay-Per-Click achieves higher conversion rates, for both Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click in particular, with agencies achieving an average of 6.8% and marketers achieving 5.4%.
  • Good Pay-Per-Click companies are well worth the cost as they will always make you more money than you would otherwise make.”    –Jill Whalen, Search Marketing Columnist

The above reasons are spot-on as to why companies should outsource their Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns.  However, this not only applies to businesses looking to advertise through PPC, but also for businesses that offer PPC as a complement to their main service.  This could include website developers, business consultants, Search Engine Optimization companies, etc.

Outsourcing to an experienced Pay-Per-Click management company not only saves you time, but will save you money and most likely make you money.  I really like how Tom points out the fact that we are here to get you a low cost-per-click.  This is the part that saves you money, then you will make money by letting us get you better conversion rates and click-through rates, after all, this is what we do each and every day.