Why Social Media Marketing SHOULD Matter To You

November 16, 2021

As a business, social media marketing can make or break your brand. To create a professional image that truly captures and represents your brand you need to have effective social media management with a plan that will build your brand recognition and then grow your brand’s successful reputation. Get Found First is experienced in helping our customers understand social media management and how it can effectively help them grow…over time. 

Social Media does take some time. You have to target the right audience, interact consistently, communicate your brand and your brands values, connect with your audience, and track your data and analyze it so that you can make changes and adjustments where necessary. In 2022, social media is bound to become more distinct in businesses online marketing plans and to make sure you are staying competitive, you need to make sure you have a solid social media marketing plan

Social Media Marketing Should Matter To You In 2022 – Here’s Why

Shopping on social media is expected to grow

According to Accenture (NYSE:ACN), shopping on social media platforms expected to reach $1.2 trillion globally by 2025. 
“A new study found that the $492 billion global social commerce industry is expected to grow three times as fast as traditional ecommerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025. Growth is predicted to be driven primarily by Gen Z and Millennial social media users, accounting for 62% of global social commerce spend by 2025.”
That means that if you are selling product – you will lose out on a target market if you don’t have a consistent social media marketing plan. 

You can use social media data to learn the buying patterns of your audience

The information that you can pick up from social media about your consumers’ activities is extremely helpful. Marketers can make much more informed decisions about how they are targeting their audience and create better strategies to reach potential customers. 

Learning about the buying pattersn of your customers can help you with ad content, targeting, landing page content, and more. Strategies you may not have thought of before suddenly become imperative with the data you gather from social media marketing

You can also use the information to build custom audiences

Did you know the approximate percentage of people who abandon their carts online is almost 70%? 

Social media data like visitor engagement, clicks, and purchases can help you build more customized audiences that target people who seemed interested but, at the last minute, backed out of the purchase. Retargeting to potential customers who almost made a puchase improves your targeting to a much higher quality audience – which ultimately will improve your ROI. 

Learn detailed information about your competitors

If you want to understand the strategies that your competitors have in place better, there is no better opportunity than social media. Profiles are public and you can see the content that is posted and which content is performing better. You can also use the data from competitor profiles to upgrade your marketing strategy and gain an advantage over your competitor. 

You can use their audience engagement to see what is attracting their audience and what is interesting to them. You can compare your customer service structure and identify areas where you can outrank them. You can use the questions their audience is asking to build your content more effectively. 

There’s a bunch of ways to take this information and build your online marketing platform from it. 

Get Found First – Experienced Social Media Management

For those of you who just don’t have time or the knowledge to run an effective social media marketing campaign – leave it up to the professionals. Get Found First has experience in delivering high quality social media marketing that can help build your brand and reputation and put you at the top of your competition. 



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