I happened upon a shocking discovery recently that made me question Google’s intent once again. After signing into a client’s Adwords account I noticed an alert: 100+ ads have been disapproved.

“What! You can’t be serious!”

This couldn’t be happening. I have been very strict in following Google’s ad policies and very thorough in cleaning up old ads that no longer fit within them.These ads were just in ad groups that contained no active keywords. Or they were in campaigns and ad groups that were paused (or where all the contained keywords were also paused).

Disapproved Ad No Active Keywords in Adgroup

Now I don’t know about you, but have you ever paused some keywords or ad groups because they might be time sensitive, or seasonal? What about pausing campaigns and ad groups because you don’t currently have product inventory? There are legitimate reasons to leave paused keywords, campaigns, and ad groups in an account, and expect to be able to go back and turn them on without submitting brand new ad copy for each one of them.

I am Weak Please Don’t Hurt Me

Is it just coincidence or is Google getting mean to those of us who are not transitioning all of our accounts to Enhanced Campaigns as quickly as they’d like?

It makes me wonder why Google is seeking to make the life of PPC managers more difficult. What did we ever do to them? It’s like they’re the school bully stealing our lunch money.

I can just imagine a scrawny kid cowering against his locker while a ripped lunk of a dude lords over him. As he reaches for his wallet to pay up, he hesitates. The next thing he remembers is waking up in the nurses office.

You WILL enhance your campaigns!

The Explanation

After calling Google to find out more information, it turns out the ads were disapproved for no reason at all. There was no violation! So what’s the deal here?

The nice Google Rep. told me that they were having technical issues and that their system was disapproving older inactive ads written before a certain day in April. I didn’t know ads written two months ago are old and should be punished. I guess it looks like the matter isn’t as serious as I thought. Or is it?

A Narrow Escape

For now the bully’s hand has been stayed. We loath that he has so much power over us, but deep down we secretly envy his awesome nature and physique. He walks away flexing his muscles and giving us the look and we hope we don’t run into him tomorrow.

After a close encounter like this, it makes a person want to go hang out with a more accepting peer like Bing.

Apparently Google hasn’t got the message –

Don't Bully be a friend

What’s the latest bullying done to you or your clients by the “Big G”?